Al Glenton - Norfolk Photographer & Film Maker

I have always had a great appreciation of Norfolk since I was a young boy.  I feel privileged to have historical buildings, wildlife and rural beauty at hand to capture in all the changeable seasons.  Whatever the weather I find myself trekking over this wonderful landscape adding these images to my portfolio. People who live in Norfolk take pride in the diversity of habitats available to them with dedicated conservation organisations restoring and maintaining these habitats for future generations. This dedication allows me to show Norfolk for all its natural beauty that then becomes exhibited through my photography and filmmaking. 

I began filming whilst working within the diving industry in Asia. I have always been passionate about marine life and this experience has opened my eyes to the importance of marine conservation. I was captivated by the underwater world and began filming primarily to create memories that I could look back on. I soon found that my films inspired people and they became as passionate as myself to conserve it. This inspired me to film even more and made me want to capture places which were important to me so i could hopefully continue to touch people with my images. These feeling have never left me and back in my home land of Norfolk I feel this every time I step out into this beautiful part of the British Isles. 

My photography and filmmaking skills have continiously progressed in order to meet the demands of the social media industry. I am constantly looking to update my equipment and knowledge to keep up with current standards. Social media has become a leading part of communication and plays an imperative role in allowing people to display the images they want to share. Photography captures a moment  in time, where as filmmaking tells a story and creates a journey for the audience to become submerged in. My portfolio is expanding daily and I have a series of Norfolk films, which will be released soon.

Teaching is something i have also enjoyed for many years. My first experiences of teaching also started in the diving industry. I am a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and specialised in teaching underwater photography and filmmaking. I still like to keep learning as well as teaching and i have taken an open university course with the National Film and Television School. I am currently on a new open university course with the University of Birmingham and Pinewood Studios. When i have completed these courses i will be setting up a teaching program in Norfolk where i will be teaching the art of photography and filmmaking. 

As you can see i have had many years of pleasure with this and i hope there will be many more to come. I love what i do and i love where i am from. This is why i am smiling every time i have a camera in my hand. I hope you enjoy looking through my galleries and I would really appreciate any comments or enquiries from you.